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Audit-Only Students
If you are not taking any classes for credit, you can register as an audit-only student on or after the first day of classes. You'll need to get a Memorandum for Course Audit signed by each course department and upload it along with a completed Quick Admit form, Residency form, and/or Criminal Update form.

Residency forms and Criminal Update forms are required for students new to the university, students returning to IU after twelve or more consecutive months, and/or taking classes for the first time since graduating or moving to a new academic career (such as undergraduate to graduate).

For international students: Before submitting your auditing paperwork online, please bring your immigration documents, including your passport, visa, most recent I-94, and I-20 or DS-2019 (if applicable), to the Office of International Services (OIS) in the Poplars Building, room 221. The OIS will review your application to audit an IU class and determine if there are other U.S. immigration requirements you should meet.

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